Many people believe that the cause of childhood obesity is due to over eating and laziness and to an extent they are right but the main cause of childhood obesity are two reasons. The child’s DNA and their parents. If people in the child’s family have been struggling with weight gain for most of their life then the genes in that child will make them more susceptible to follow the same pattern, but that can be prevented by healthy eating and exercise which is where the parents come in. Children imitate their parents behaviour so if the parents were to eat healthily and live active lifestyles the child is sure to follow but in this day and age that is not the case and because more adults are going down the road of obesity more children are following them and ultimately suffering at the same hand of fate as their parents although it could easily be prevented!

Parents have the most influence on their child’s life, they have the power to show the child that over eating and that lack of exercise is not acceptable in a young person’s life and this is the cause of obesity problems later on in life. Obesity has some dreadful side affects and day to day life can be very unpleasant and simple tasks such as climbing stairs, taking a shower and other general things take more time and more effort because of the extra weight. This is even worse for a child, they need to be active and have fun!

The causes of childhood obesity are not so severe that obesity can be avoided! If you we teach oour children how to live an active and healthy lifestyle there is no reason why they should become obese even if they’re family are full of obese people! Obesity is a cause and effect disease it is caused by several things over eating being the man one and the effects are horrible which complicated medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease! Childhood obesity can be avoided so lets try and do that, lets avoid it and help our children lead happy healthy lives with no health problems or emotional setbacks!

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