Imagine a boat on the high seas. The boat is equipped with the latest instruments and gadgets. All the officers and the sailors are fully trained. The fuel tanks are full. The machinery is in order. Everything is fit and fine. Except that the boat has started sailing, but the commander does not know the destination.

Some people live like this boat. They are well educated, and healthy in body. But as they have set no goals for their life, they keep on changing the direction at every opportunity. What are goals and how do goals help us in life? Let us discuss this. We have many parts in our life that combine together to give us a whole look. Career, home, religion, hobbies, friends are some such parts of our life.

For some of us who are young, career goals take the priority. For some others family goals are equally important. For those who are now retired, friends, hobbies, religion, get the priority. One has to sit quietly and think and write about one’s goals. One has to imagine of the ideal life, one desires, and what must happen to get that ideal life. That will give broad parameters of goals in different areas.

Once we know our goals in general, we have to prioritize them. What comes first? For example, If I have a goal of getting more promotions and reaching the top of my company, should I not give more time and thought to that compared to developing new friendships? After the broad goals are set, divide them in small parts of the time frame. I want to reach the top of my company in next ten years. This year, I will try and get at least one promotion. Or I have a goal of keeping myself fit for my life. This year, I will change my diet to include more of fibers and stop eating what my doctor advises me not to. I will not give in to temptations, but always keep my goal of fitness in my mind.

After diving the goals in small steps, take a weekly summary of everything. What did I achieve this week? Was it satisfactory? Where did I go wrong? What needs correction? What are my goals for the coming week? Same exercise should be repeated every week, every month and every end of the year.

As you find that you are not only setting goals, but also are nearing them, it will give you more inspiration. It will increase your self esteem. It will give you focus and it will give you more determination. Happiness is the result of hard work and achievements. No one who wastes away the time, ever feels happy. Happiness comes after realizing that you completed your work to your own satisfaction. Set goals to lead a happy life.

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