Should you bother setting goals in life? And what happens if you don’t have goals? In this video I cover a few fresh ideas on goals.

My view on goals has definitely “evolved” over the years, and I no longer look at them as a tool.

Goals are a necessity. It’s what allows us to focus our life energy, because without goals our life energy is scattered around.

And without focused energy you feel dead inside, you feel like your life doesn’t have a direction, you feel lazy and without purpose.

All of this changes when you set a meaningful goal.

All of a sudden you wake up full of energy, and this is regardless of your nutrition, exercise and all these others “life hacks” we often put so much value on.

Realistically the first thing you need is a meaningful goal.

Of course proper nutrition, exercise and sleep will improve your performance but that’s assuming you already are taking action toward your goal.

Because if you don’t have clear goals and a clear direction no nutrition or exercise advice will help you.

You’ll feel like you don’t have energy, you won’t have a reason to wake up in the morning.

That’s the situation I was in a few years back. And the only thing that got me out of that situation is when I clearly defined what I needed to do within my day that will move me forward.

And I didn’t start over night, and I didn’t start big.

I started very small, step by step.

Things like eating a bit of a healthier breakfast, starting to read 15-30 min a day, going to the gym 3 times a week, doing 1 push-up every day and adding 1 more each time.

These were some of my initial goals. And when I achieved those goals I felt more confident in my ability to set new goals.

And the new goals got bigger and bigger, essentially I “baby-stepped” my way into becoming a business owner, fitness model and a world traveler starting from scratch.

Starting from living with my parents in a village of 200 people with no money, no future and poor English skills.

Before I set those goals my life energy was all over the place, I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. It was all over the place.

And the big lesson is that we need goals to focus ourselves.

Laziness is simply a lack of goals. I don’t believe laziness exists.

It’s a myth people tell themselves as an excuse for not having goals and not taking action.

Summary of the Rat Study: – are subjected to two trials during which they are forced to swim in an acrylic glass cylinder filled with water, and from which they cannot escape. The first trial lasts 15 minutes. Then, after 24-hours, a second trial is performed that lasts 5 minutes. The time that the test animal spends without moving in the second trial is measured. This immobility time is decreased by antidepressants. In 1957 Dr Curt P Richter added his riff on the theme, finding that when rats are placed into a highly stressful swimming situation will frequently die very quickly. He put two sets of rats into water. The untouched control rats drowned in despair quite quickly. In the other tank, the venerable doctor ‘saved’ half the rats, those that were left swam in hope for 3 days. They eventually drowned, exhausted …” That’s right, Richter saved the rats and then let them drown when they gave up hope.

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