Do Inversion Tables Really Help Ease Lower Back Pain?

Inversion Tables: Blog: Coached By Lee: you have lower back pain than you may want to consider getting an inversion table. Hanging upside-down to relieve pain is nothing new, in fact there have been documented cases of people using inversion therapy dating back as far back as 400 BC.

Using an inversion table helps to decompress the spinal discs and increases disc space to relieve lower back pain. Inversion tables help to stretch and elongate the spinal column, allowing the discs to separate and opening up the vertebral spaces.

There was a study called: “Adaptation of Tilt Table for Lumbar Traction,” published in the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association, which found that 88 percent of patients who used inversion table treatments found major improvements in a number of complaints including spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, lumbar osteoarthritis with sciatica, and coccygodynia.

I personally like to use the inversion table after a heavy workout, especially after exercises that heavily work the back like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. The inversion table relieves stress and muscle tension in the lower back. It also helps to improve blood flow and circulation.

You can order inversion tables online for about $100 bucks. Just click on the link below to see various models that are available This link goes to amazon where you can order inversion tables. If you order through this link I’ll earn a small referral commission, which will be used to help make future videos.

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