No one likes being sick, feeling weak and having a fever. Everyone will agree that it is the worst state of a human body. What does a person need to avoid it? To wear warm clothes? To take additional vitamins? Yes, all of these things certainly will help the body stay healthy and fighting different illnesses without fail. But to have a powerful immune system in order to always feel good is the most important. The immune system is natural defense system of a human body. It is a protector from various bacteria, viruses, parasites. When the system works properly, it can keep away health problems from cancer to the simple cold.

However, there are a lot of things able to significantly weaken the protective system. The harmful effect on the immune system is not only fighting with bad bacteria but also poor nutrition, lack of sleep, depression and other unavoidable things shaking the system.  Unfortunately, the immune system cannot restore and become stronger by itself.  If a person catches a cold or the flu frequently, it is a sign of immunodeficiency. Generally, in the case, any doctor can advise immune-boosting medicines, what is the shortest but not the most efficient way to boost the immune system. Naturally, for having a stable immune system a person should maintain a healthy lifestyle, namely exercise, sleep around 8 hours every night and eat food containing useful nutrients and vitamins and it requires more time than one course of taking pills.

If with sports activity and sleep duration everything is more or less clear, the question is what to eat to make immune system strong?  Surely, daily nutrition should be balanced and include vegetables and fruits, it is already a well-known fact. Nevertheless, there are special natural superfoods, which provide improvement and reinforcement of human health.  

5 natural superfoods to boost your immune system

1. Garlic is a very old immunity booster due to its antiseptic and nutritive properties. It protects against bacterial and viral infections without any side effects which medicines have. Garlic is rich in nutrients, particularly vitamins B1, B6 and C, phosphorus and alliin which converts to allicin considered to be the major antibacterial component. Garlic increases the activity of natural killer cells that are a fundamental part of human immunity.  It is a treatment for preventing colds and the flu.

Garlic is very easy to use. Just cut it and add in any salads and dishes, which you eat at lunch time.

2.  Echinacea is a famous healing plant that has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for more than 400 years. It contains a complex mix of active substances, some of them are antimicrobial, while others affect the human immune system. Extract of the herb has compounds called phenols those have antioxidant benefits being useful for human health in their turn.

It is possible to find echinacea in any pharmacy, so you just need to make tea with the herb and drink it in the evening.

3. Ginger is being used by Chinese and Indians as a natural remedy over 4,700 years. It helps balance the immune system to restore its proper functioning. Ginger enhances the protective functions of the immune system, breaks down the accumulation of toxins which make a human body susceptible to infections. Antibacterial properties of ginger also help support the immune system.

By the way, ginger is also famous Indian spice which you can add to your dishes. But the best way to take it is ginger tea with a slice of lemon and one teaspoon of honey.

4. Broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables containing vitamin K, vitamin E, chromium, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid. Plus, it has immune-boosting vitamin C. There are also compounds in broccoli called sulforaphane turning on the ability of a human body to generate antioxidants which help fight off harmful free radicals.

To keep its healing power cook broccoli as less time as possible or better do not cook at all.

5. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, limes, and others have a high level of Vitamin C helps build up your immune system. Vitamin C is sure to increase the production of white blood cells what is key to fighting infections. As a person body does not produce and store Vitamin C, it should be included in daily nutrition.

As you can see the superfoods are very easy to be included in the daily diet and all of them are made by nature what is the great advantage.

To digest vitamins and nutrients of the boosters better, you can add shilajit, new natural product to the Western World but the centuries-old Indian ayurvedic remedy, to every superfood or take it separately. It is the only natural source of Fulvic Acid ready for human consumption. Fulvic Acid is the best transporter of useful components into cells.  If you take it, you can be sure that other nutrients will be delivered to the right place in your body.

The natural remedy might be mixed with different beverages or be taken as a supplement because there are a few shilajit types which are very easy to use.

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