There are many exercises when it comes to the laws in attraction. To get good results you have to practice them on a regular basis. You also have to know which exercises are worth practicing and how to do them. Well here is a list of some good exercises that you can do.

Visualize what you want

There is no doubt that this exercise can take a lot of practice. You must prepare a schedule where you can meditate and try to visualize what you like to achieve in the long run. You have to believe that whatever you are visualizing is actually happening; everything has to be in present tense. When you think of buying a bigger house you must imagine that you are getting paid really well from your profession and that things are getting better. If you want to buy a Rolex watch, look at pictures of the watch and imagine owning it. Take this one step further by visualising how much you will need to earn to be able to afford it, imagine going in to the store and buying it eeasily with no worries about can you affird it.You must feel these visions as if they are taking place.

Practice your dreams

You have to practice what you have in mind; for example if you want to become a successful musician you should start learning music and make friends with musicians; and you must believe that you are a capable musician. When you are out shopping go try on some garments worn by celebrities, you do not have to buy them just get into the practice of visiting these places. Celebrities are usually very polite in public so do not forget to do the same.

Expect things to happen

This can be very difficult to do in the long run and you will surely need a lot of practice, this is like affirmations. So you need to wake up in the morning say what you wish to achieve but it has to be in present tense at all times.

Showing gratitude

You must remember that in order to move ahead and do well in life you have to respect your current situation; always show some gratitude for what you have and who you are in the present day. This is a way of thanking the Universe for all that it has given you.

Some additional tips

Try writing down all your affirmations and read them every day when you wake up in the morning. If you practice these exercises on a daily basis there is no stopping you from achieving your goals. While you practice then you have to put in a lot of faith into the exercises and have a clear mind.

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