Quitting in life should never an option

Why do some people quit? Is it really due to the situation or out of their lack of will power and self belief? This is an aspect that is worth the thought. Before you quit do ask questions to yourself

No matter how much successful you are in your life, but there are times when you feel low and depressed. You feel like quitting and giving up and such feelings emerge due to several circumstances and situations in life. Whether it is related to work or personal life, there are incidents that make you hopeless and you lose all purpose from your life.

Quitting should never be an option that should be considered. You should try and continue leading your life without giving up and stay positive. But often it becomes difficult and decide that quitting is the best option available. Before you give up, you must ask certain questions to yourself and reconsider your decision of giving up.

What is the reason behind your giving up?

Every individual is different and their reasons for quitting is also distinct. But there are three most common reasons that are usually found among the quitters. They are:

  • Since I am busy, I don’t have time to invest.
  • There are no outcomes and thus it is a waste of time to keep trying.
  • I don’t have the capacity anymore to execute and I don’t want any kind of stress anymore.

These are the three grounds that are usually considered by the quitters. You have to find out the root cause that is making you so weak and thereby giving up.

Are you quitting for a good or a bad reason?

You need to unlock the question by thinking deeply and analyzing your situation. When you quit because your presence is to be felt somewhere else or causing an emotional harm to others, this is a good reason to quit (with relation to the job). When you quit a job out of frustration, hardship and impatience, it is definitely not a good reason to quit. You have to analyze in which category you belong.

What will be the quitting cost you?

The cost of quitting is not only related to money, but other aspects like loss in self confidence and belief in your own self. There are chances that you might regret and even feel victimized by the situation. Hence, it is important to analyze the situation carefully before taking the decision of quitting.

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