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Motivation On Life

‘Life’s not fair and ‘I can’t bear.’

‘Boo Hoo! These burdens are hard to wear.’

I understand where you’re coming from

for indeed life is tough.

Life is rough.

But what are you going to do about it?

Will you continue to complain allowing your eyeballs to rain?

Or will you face your adversities and allow peace to settle in your brain?

What a shame it is for you to huddle all by yourself in that puddle.

Here are a couple of tips to uplift yourself:

1) Be grateful for what you already have.

2) Remember that there are others in worse situations than you.

Now repeat after me these words of inspiration.

They are wonderful for your information!

Repeat after me now:

Life is hard, but I will get through.’

‘Life is hard, but I will get through.’

‘Life is hard, but I will get through!’

‘Life is hard, but I will get through!!’

‘Life is hard, but I will get through!!!’

Excellent!…Stay motivated, stay tough and don’t let difficulties in life be rough.

-Motivational Humorous Tips


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