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Excerpt from the video transcript:

There is always something, you will never have a have a problem free moment in life. Many of us never realize on witness because we become sidetracked by secondary activity with spread ourselves too thin don’t know how to say no and we find ourselves doing all kinds of things and never have a half-time those things that we need you to work on ourselves and then there goes a second back up another second and another second and we can’t stop and hold time and call you not to wake up one day you behind in your dreams and your bills.

You have to midnight future to come out all jealousy of pettiness all unforgiveness all strife all malice all confusion all blaming other people for your mistake. You got till midnight to get rid of poison been scatter in your brain. It won’t be up to you if you go into another year and waste another year with the old mentality while somebody in the hospital thanking God for the opportunity that you have right now you better snap into the don’t just talk about your grind don’t just talk about how much your neck show me so when you’re challenging my life what are you going to do when you feel like your channel on one and i are you going to tap or will you make the move to make.

I took up golf, I used to say I never play this game old man’s game never do about my kids place I want to play with so I go out and I do really well i got this one day I out power by my instructor I’m feeling really proud the next day I’m not feelings around I keep putting the ball in the water getting so frustrated put that another way put down another line okay I don’t care my score is let’s do it and finally getting frustrating some things like in a bit this is often one bowl is that this is your terrible instructor I said I know I’m not Tiger Woods when I should be able to be consistent and you just tell me that it’s difficult being told me it’s difficult.

It is not helping tell me what to do this well actually you’re only a little bit off its a cool fool me you know you’re about a millimeter or two off and said you’re joking and watch this is. I didn’t teach the show he said we approach the ball like this said if you change the angle that your attacker was just one or two millimetres in the very beginning to see how that changes the arc this one is sitting on the green one millimetre. Now you’re in the water on over here in the sand he said also hitting the ground by one millimetre sometimes you’re not stroking it just one millimetre I thought what a great belief system that when all hell’s breaking loose and nothing’s working that your only one millimetre off as most people think it’s impossible so they give up isn’t true.

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