How can you make yourself likeable to others?

We all desire to be liked by others, isn’t it? But often due to some reason or the other we fail to make any impression. This is mainly due to bad body language and gesture. Thus, body language needs to be proper.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, you will definitely want to leave a lasting impression, right? Our body language plays a very big role in creating a positive outlook about yourself to the others. The way you speak, move your eyes or shake your hands send a signal to the other person about your intentions and the kind of person you are. Hence, if you want to be liked by others, you need to maintain a good body language.

Greet others with a smile

Holding a smile on your face is perhaps the best and the easiest way to show others that you care for them and like them. In exchange to your genuine smile, you will receive love and affection from others and you will be considered as a friendly and amicable person. We all want our image to be positive and smiling is the best way to display your positive image to the world.

Maintaining a relaxed body posture is essential

You have to maintain your body posture upright, but make sure that it is not rigid and you are relaxed. A proper body posture while communicating or moving out or sitting imparts self confidence and also gives an additional advantage to your external appearance as you look good. Often in the name of maintaining body posture people puff their chest out and go rigid, which makes them appear ugly and odd. You have to relax and remain as much stress free as possible.

Maintain a direct eye contact

When you maintain a direct eye contact with others with whom you are communication, you display your confidence and also certifies the things you are saying. In fact, it also shows that you are giving importance to the other person. Whenever, you have to remove the eye contact, carry it out in a subtle manner.

Don’t move your arms too often

Majority of us have the habit of moving our arms and even making faces while we converse. Often this sends a wrong or negative signal to the receiver. It is no doubt very common to show gestures while you speak, but you have to ensure that they are executed in limits and subtly.

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