Many young people today are sensitive to energies as their little bodies are bombarded with technology by things most of us never imagined in our childhood. Numerous studies have been conducted with regard to the electromagnetic fields and their influence on the body. They confirm the electrical pathways of the body exist and are part of the vital force that surges through us creating struggle.

The same things that we adults who were raised on sugar and saturated fats can tolerate, children cannot. Why? Their bodies respond to energy differently… the energy of foods, sound, television, smart meters, electric blankets, cell phones, drugs and medications all can impact the body negatively.

The neurotransmitter dopamine is a central “inner reward system” in our bodies involving the parasympathetic nervous system. The “reward system” is a “teaching signal” response reinforcing positive behaviors. It also involves memory and motor functions.

A reduction of dopamine in the frontal lobes is associated with ADD, social anxiety, depression, low satisfaction, addictions, cravings, compulsive behavior, and problems with mental focus.

The cells of our body communicate through energy in the form of photons or light.

The Elan Energetics Light Therapy System is designed to support the safe release of dopamine from the hypothalamus while improving sleep, focus, and well-being. These safe, noninvasive energies of sound, light, and frequencies will support the family with an integrative approach to providing the basis of peace and harmony at home for the whole family by reducing stress, anxiety, and tension.

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