Do you realize that you think more about your failure than your success. You are always whining and cribbing about the failures in life but do not cherish the success. However, did you know that failure is the path to success? People feel discouraged because of their failure.

People who criticize themselves for their own deeds should know that this is not the right path for success. They should take failures sportingly.Here are four ways by which you can boost your self-confidence and also silence the critic within you.

Always appreciate your self when you win

Always remember to appreciate yourself when you win or succeed in anything. The more you appraise yourself, the more encouragement you will get for yourself.Always keep this mindset that you cannot succeed in everything you do. It is better to fail sometimes and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you really feel that you haven’t accomplished a task perfectly, then keep a note of the same and then try that task once again and you would surely succeed.
Keep on telling yourself that you can do it.

Do not always think that you have worked a lot

Do not always measure time while working. This is especially for people who feel that they are just good for nothing. Always remind yourself that you are working hard for a living, whatever you do. Also, remind yourself that you need to take a break after some time and do not stress yourself. If you really feel that you are finding it hard to accept the fact that you are working less, then think it otherwise.You can always ask for professional help in this scenario.

Always think positively

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of positiveness to think that you have succeeded in what you have been doing. If you feel that you are tired of what you are doing and need a break, then just sit down and relax. Choose something easy that would help you to relax.Take a small step in completing what you want to do and accomplish it bit by bit.After some time you would you yourself feel that you have done enough to praise yourself.

Always keep track of your failures and try to improve

It is always good to keep track of your failures and then try to improve. See the list of failures and then try to improve on the same one by one.Completing the work one by one would help you to increase your inner confidence as well as success.

So next time if you feel that you are feeling discouraged about something, then try and regain the inner confidence and be focused at what you are doing.Remember that you can make a difference in yourself.

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