Caught up the pressures of the modern world, most of us forget to even take care of our body by eating healthy. Filling your stomach with whatever food that comes your way won’t help you one bit in the long run. Soon enough, you will run into an array of health problems. The least you can do is to eat a few superfoods that are scientifically proven to keep your body healthy and fit. This way, you will be getting a basic dose of all essential nutrients and at the same time mitigate side effects of junk food. We’ve picked out the top 3 superfoods that people from all age groups can eat, at any time of the day. Here they are:

1. Almonds

With an alarming number of people experiencing cardiovascular diseases around the world, almonds are a must have for just about everybody. Medical surveys tell us that almost all urban demographics suffer from higher levels of cholesterol. But did you know that almonds have been used to fight high cholesterol levels since ancient times too? Indian Ayurvedic practitioners have been using almonds to treat a variety of disorders such as cognitive dissonance and short term or long term memory loss.

Almonds contain riboflavin, antioxidants, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids. They may be high in calories but are extremely effective in providing great nutrition. You will be surprised to know what half a cup of almonds can do to you in a day. A regular intake can decrease chances of heart attacks, enhance your cognitive capabilities, nourish your skin and even help you with weight loss. The best is that almonds can be consumed raw, which means no preparation required. You can have some when you wake up, carry them to work or have them for dinner!

2. Sweet Potatoes

Researchers around the world unanimously agree that sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Our body needs a lot of Vitamin A – sight, immunity and the ability to reproduce are all governed by this nutrient. Did you know that a single sweet potato can fulfill 35% of our vitamin A needs? This fact alone makes it a must have for everyone. Potatoes also contain a good amount of vitamin C, manganese and vitamin B6 in them.

Having steamed sweet potatoes early in the morning is a good practice. You can have them right after you are done jogging or during breakfast. All you need to do is chop the potato into thin slices and steam them for about 5 minutes – and you are done! Regular intake will guarantee you excellent blood sugar regulation along with a strong immune system.

3. Salmon

Omega-3 Fatty Acids might be a term that is thrown around frequently in dietary advertisements, but the fact of the matter still remains that Salmon is the most natural and effective source of this nutrient. Our bodies can’t produce Omega-3 fatty acids on their own, so we have to get them from an external source. Since these acids are extremely good for our circulatory system, they have been widely accepted by the scientific community as an essential nutritional requirement. Two primary omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, while another variant can be found in nuts. Much like sweet potatoes, salmon has a large amount of vitamins. To be precise, there are seven essential vitamins.

Salmon can help fight diseases like asthma, diabetes, and depression – problems that plague the 21st century. We suggest that you consume at least a good portion of a salmon for dinner. No fancy recipes, just a simple grill should suffice. If you want to increase the nutritional level, then you can have some walnuts along with the salmon. Like we mentioned before, a particular type of omega-3 fatty acid is also found in certain nuts – walnuts are one of them.


Our list of superfoods are extremely healthy and need very little preparation time – about 30 minutes in total. If you’re someone who is looking to switch to a healthy diet, this is a good start. Of course, this is in no way an all-encompassing diet, but it can get you running on the right path. Once you’re accustomed to a range of superfood, you can think about adding more healthy meals in between, say, for lunch.


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