As I sit here in front of the fire and TV at 8.30pm on a Wednesday evening, many would be mistaken for thinking that working from home is easy. But then that is before you take into account my daily routine:

I get up at around 7.45am and feed the cats and sheep, make myself a cup of tea and then by 8.30am I am sat in front of my computer collecting my emails and responding to the numerous enquiries for more information on my MLM business.

Then after an hour I start my daily traffic exchange surfing, forum posting, yahoo group blasting and so on….This daily routine of promotion and advertising takes me until around lunch time. The afternoon is then taken up following up prospects, updating my websites and checking and responding to further emails. I usually finish for the day at around 6pm, although I always leave the computer on and check my emails again before turning in for the night.

I work longer hours now that I work full time from home on my MLM business than I did when I worked a normal day job. Then I started at 9am, leaving the house at around 8.40am, I had an hour for lunch and a couple of breaks through the day and finished at 5.15am, being back by 5.30pm. Now I start at 8.30am and finish at 6pm with the odd trip downstairs to make a cup of tea and half an hour for lunch.

Of course I wouldn’t and don’t think I could go back to working for someone else and doing a ‘usual’ 9 til 5 job but why do people think working from home is easy. And why are so many people scared of putting in some good old fashioned hard work to make their homebased business a success.

Working from home, whether you are in a MLM program, an affiliate program or running your own website, selling your own product, promotion, getting sales and following up prospects all takes time and effort. You must put in the time and effort needed to get your business off the ground, you must do the promotion required to get those sales, you must follow up with your customers, update your website and answer emails and so on.

Anyone who joins an affiliate program, becomes a distributor for a MLM company or starts their own home based business must be prepared to work at it, and usually work much harder than you would going to the office each day and working for someone else.

If you are afraid of a little hard work, then do not attempt to start you own home based business because the bottom line is you will fail. If hard work is a dirty concept to you, stick to working for someone else.

If you are prepared to put in the hard slog and really work at it, then you will find working from home very rewarding and in the long run, be it one, two or three years down the line, you will be successful. And your success will be proportional to the hard work you put in at the beginning.

Stick at it….you will succeed.

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