Think back to your school days. Think of some friends who could never finish their examinations? They always had some or the other excuse to leave few questions unanswered. In our life, we come across people who never finish what they begin to do. They are always having some very good excuse for not finishing the given task. These people never achieve anything in their life and are full of complaints about their fate, their friends, their family, and the world in general.

On the other side, we find some stars, who finish the most difficult work finding different ways and overcoming insurmountable obstacles. Why this difference? If you study carefully, a non-achiever will always begin some work with great enthusiasm, then slowly the enthusiasm will get replaced by tiredness and excuses and by the time he/she were supposed to finish, he/she would have invented excuses. Whereas the achievers don’t show enthusiasm, but it seems that they are studying the situation. After some study, they plan out the way to finish the task and then begin. They stop only after finishing it. Right from beginning, you will find determination in them that they would be able to do it.

Can we turn a non-achiever in an achiever. Yes. It can be done. The first step is to talk to the non-achiever and without hurting his/her self esteem, point it out that the achievements are very low. Then in a friendly manner, and without making any criticism, ask them for the reasons. They will come out with their old script of how things never turn out right for them. Listen them out. Don’t get irritated. Don’t show any expression but understanding on your face. Let them know that you are for them and not against them. Tell them that you understand what they say.

Now is the time to plan something with them. Give them a small task and monitor the progress. As they proceed, you will see the signs given before. At this juncture, gently show them different ways to finish and tell them that the happiness of completing the job will be much greater than the happiness of blaming others if the job remains incomplete. Carry out this exercise few times with them and they will begin to realize their mistake. They will slowly begin achieving and turn out a lesson for other non-achievers.

This problem is found by many employers in their employees, by many parents in their children and by many coaches in some members of their team. The trick lies in being with the person, rather than taking the role of a judge.

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