For most most of us, one of the biggest reasons why we easily get into the pit of depression is that we are easily disappointed or we tend to expect so much. Young and old people tend to raise the bar of expectation to high and, in the process, find themselves forlorn. Just consider…

· A young boy who wants to play baseball but wasn’t included in the game;

· A teenage girl who did not get a date for the prom;

· A young woman who was not admitted to the Ivy League;

· A father who finds out that her 16-year old daughter is pregnant;

· A blushing bride who finally found out that she did not really marry “Mr. Right”; and

· A young mother who was told by the doctor that her baby has Down’s Syndrome.

These are just some examples of major disappointments encountered by people everyday around the world. We all go through life hoping for the best and getting what is not. Of all the let-downs we experience — from finances to our careers — perhaps nothing can compare to the utter depression that comes after a failed marriage or a relationship that has gone sour. In the middle of the heartbreak and loneliness, you also begin to question yourself why these things happened to you. You spend sleepless nights wondering if you’ll ever have a chance to recover from all your disappointments, or if there is a medicine that can cure your despair.

It’s been said over and over again: “Into each life, a little rain must fall.” Yet somehow, you feel that what you got was more than just a drizzle. You are in the middle of an emotional typhoon that rages on and on. No matter what you do, you just can’t find shelter from the storms of life.

But you cannot just give up on yourself and on life. Somehow, all of us must find the courage and determination to hang on and keep on living — one day at a time. Yes, it is painful when we always feel we are wronged, cheated, judged harshly, neglected, and unloved. Being good does not guarantee that the world would be good at us. Pain and evil cause people to suffer, whether they are good or bad.

So what can we do when we find ourselves stranded in an island of despair? What do we do when we feel so hopeless and alone?

There are many ways we can cope and survive depression and all of life’s trials. It takes a lot of effort and commitment but the only real, viable option for us to take is to hope despite all odds. Beating depression is, by no means, an easy task. But here are some simple ways to start on your way back to emotional health:

· Recognize and learn from your disappointments;

· Get into the root of your anger;

· Join a counseling group or seek the assistance of a professional counselor;

· Spend time to evaluate your situation and identify ways how you can prevent “history from repeating itself”; and

· Try to do engage in writing therapy which may take the form of writing a daily journal or a diary.

Depression is part and parcel of life. Yet we cannot let depression control our lives. Being bitter or entertaining self-defeating thoughts will not help you get back on track towards personal growth and fulfillment. We must all learn how to weather the storms of depression and have faith that a new, brighter day awaits us.

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