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How Breathing Differently Can Make You Happier – NLP

“When you breathe, you inspire. When you do not breathe, you expire.” – Quote from an 11-year-old’s science exam John Grinder, co-creator of NLP talks about the link between respiration, physiology, internal state and high performance. He calls this ‘the chain of excellence’. I recently read a book by Osho, the wonderfully non-PC mystic and guru. In the book, Osho […]

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Is NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming Fake or Real – Loy Machedo Responds

Is it possible to reprogram the brain? Can reprogramming the brain change our behavior? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a combination of Linguistics, Semantics, Hypnosis, Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology. It’s about how we interpret the world we experience via the input through our senses: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, olfactory and gustatory. It’s about how we represent the world to ourselves […]

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques | Anchoring For Emotional Balance

Most people experience life as a roller-coaster of different emotional states, accepting without question that emotions are something that just happen in response to life events. In any given day, you may experience a range of states, some positive and some that are negative or distressing. The emotional state we are in is so important as it affects how we […]

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