From The School Of Hard Knocks:

To be a success in the sales and marketing or a home based business work habits play a very important role in the sales game. The numbers game is what we are talking about here. Your profits or commissions are directly related to the number of contacts you make on a daily basis. That takes a lot of focus and perseverance on our part to have on line business success. With all the competition out there we have to out work them or be smarter and learn from E-Books or find a one on one mentor.

Keeping records of these contacts is a vital part of the system to track your progress. This will also allow you to keep track of the sales closing percentage. There are all kinds of sales formulas and statistics that come from these basic ideas. Using ad tracking ,auto responders and website statistics can help us keep track of the daily contacts being made. You have to know where you’re at to no which direction to take your on line business opportunity.

To use them simply divide the number of contacts by the number of presentations by the number of sales and you have your closing percentages. An example would be 10 contacts equal 3 presentations equal 1 sale. Your closing ratio would be 30 %. You can even divide these by the profits or commissions and know exactly what you make for each task. It can become a fun game even when if process is boring to us.

In the direct sales business and Internet marketing business the same holds true. It doesn’t matter how much you know it’s how much you show. We know knowledge is power but More shows equal more chances to be successful. I once asked a super sales pro what his SECRET to success was. Waiting for the big secret information to come he said that all he did was out work every one else. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to learn The Science Of Making Money!

Is that’s all there is to it? Well partly but you need to focus on getting a high Quantity of Quality presentations. Try to get the first contacts before lunch or make a goal to have an order before noon. This one habit I formed early in my career put me far ahead of the competition. Make Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Your Main FOCUS days and the rest of the week will be a lot more productive.

With the Internet as a contact tool we can excel at light speed by simply applying these principles to our on line sales business. Web hosting keeps track of the stats in all kinds of categories. Use those to judge what areas we need to focus on but remember that our SUCCESS is a direct result of the WORK HABITS we put into effect on a daily basis.

Staying focused on the getting visitors to our website is the first step to success and that is in direct proportion to the effort your willing to put out. Are You Willing To Pay The Price. Navigate The Highway To Success. Find A Vehicle To Get There and develop Those Work Habits. Then you will be on the way To The Top And have a successful home based business opportunity. However it can lonely up there be prepared……..

The habits we form today will be the future of your business and what you get payed is a direct result of the effort you put out. Be careful SUCCESS can be Habit Forming!

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