Many times people can have a mental block when they have to try to solve problems about themselves. If you give these same people a work project to complete, a room to decorate or the job to solve someone else’s problem then they are fine!

Now it is time for you as a home business owner to turn those same skills and experiences on yourself and strive to develop a personal development plan that will work for you in order to grow your home business. It would be best to incorporate the following steps in a personal development plan:

1. Focus area. Choose about three areas to focus on. If you have too many you will just be spinning your wheels, and if you have too few you may find yourself putting all of your eggs in one basket.

2. Where are you now? You need to know the point at which you are starting from so that you will be able to measure the progress you make as you may your way through your personal development plan.

3. Will be? If you were go to bed tonight with your problem solved, what would that feel like? What would you see? If you know exactly what you wish to achieve, it will increase the chances of achieving your goal.

4. How know? You must find a quantitative measurement that will let you know that you are on your way to achieving you goal. If you have a simple 1-5 scale measurement, that is enough to be able to measure intangible goals such as increasing your confidence level or reducing anxiety.

5. Activities and resources. You must outline the practical steps needed in order for you to achieve you goal. Do you need to do any research or study?

6. When? Just like you make time for regular appointments, put times in your personal development plan for specific activities. If changes must be made, always re-schedule them for a later date. You must be realistic about your commitments. Plan on making some adjustment to your plan or to your life if necessary.

7. Reward. You should make it a habit of rewarding yourself as your mini-goals are achieved. This will make the whole process seem worthwhile and more enjoyable. This may be enough to provide the incentive you need to do the work that needs to be done in order to grow your home business.

Remember that if you want to improve the circumstances of your life and experience growth in yourself as well as your home business then this is only going to be accomplished through creating a personal development plan. A PDP is an essential ingredient if you want to see success in your home business, personal life or even if you want to change certain character traits or try to change or eliminate unhealthy habits.

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