Free yourself – Go out and do exactly what you like! – How long it has been since you last went to have a walk on the beach or do something that you loved as a kid?

For how long has it been when you strolled hand in hand with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girfriend to a restaurant and tossed a coin to decide what to buy?

These might appear extremely basic things however these basic elements of life have the power  to develop fantastic self-confidence and fulfilment.

Just like little drops of water make the mighty ocean, the little things you enjoy doing have the ability to turn you into a storehouse of confidence.

When God made you, He put a desire in your heart and bestowed onto you the ability to accomplish it. However, while you were growing up, you forgot exactly what your goal was, exactly what is that you wanted to do and what is that you took pleasure in doing.

Follow these 3 steps for Building Self Confidence and you will feel happier and more confident sooner than you think.

1. Take Time For Yourself

It does occur with lots and lots of people who feel trapped and are too tied up in their day to day responsibilities that it gets difficult for them to spare even 10 minutes to reflect on their lives, their direction, their dreams and objectives.

It’s our responsibility to clear the mess that prevents us from hearing to our heart. The conversations with your heart ought to keep getting clearer and one of the best methods to do it is to find time to do what you take pleasure in. And since you take pleasure in doing that activity, it straightaway implies that you have all the ability and intelligence essential to do the task effortlessly although you may not realize it.
2. Spend Time With Friends

You need find friends whos company you enjoy.¬† Life becomes easier when you are among friends who think like you do and it’s simpler to relate to them.

3. Complete Tasks to grow your confidence

You know what it’s like when you have this big job to do that you feel you cannot manage it.

You end up thinking “I can never do that” and end up never completing that task, be it starting a business, learning a language, or even fixing the garden fence.

Before you have the chance to think of excuses as to why you cannot do this just start it and see how far you can go.

Break a huge task into a list of small jobs to be finished.

No matter how little progress you make, the focus must be on finishing a task effectively even though it’s a small task.

A completed task no matter how little it is provides a sense of accomplishment that builds our self-confidence and equips us with more energy to attempt a larger job.

10 Tips To Build Self Confidence