Are you looking to learn about time management and don’t know where to start? Lazy people can teach us a lot about time management, because they do tasks the easiest way possible. Rather than spending hours on a task, lazy people will find an easy solution to it and complete it faster, thus, making them more efficient.
A lazy person might actually be more suited for a hard task as a quote by Bill Gates suggests: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because they will find an easy way to do it”. This quote is true in many ways and should be used more often, since finding an easy solution to a task is more efficient. With that in mind, here is what lazy people can teach us about time management.

Lazy People Focus On the Task at Hand

Tell a lazy person to do multiple tasks and they will fail, however give them a choice to do any of the tasks offered and they will complete one like a professional. That’s because they want to get back to doing their lazy hobbies, which motivates them in completing the task. For example, a regular worker might do the work in an hour not really giving 100%, but a lazy person will complete that work in half the time giving their all.

Fast and Correct

Put a lazy person in a group task and will do nothing for most of the task, but when it’s their time to shine the will get done. Although, it seems like they did nothing for the job, when it came to their turn to provide information they gave the most powerful help. That’s because they don’t want to waste any more energy than needed so they spend most of the task thinking about what is necessary.

Lazy People Are Fast Learners

What lazy people may lack in physical tasks they stand out in mental task, because they might seem lazy but in actuality they are always thinking. That is why they can learn new content fast when it comes to businesses, thus increasing their usefulness in the workplace. Furthermore, when handed a new task to complete they learn the work and complete it faster than other colleagues. That’s because they want to go back to do activities they were doing previously.

Why Being Lazy Works

Waiting for the last minute to complete a task drastically improves your time management skills because you know that wasting even a minute can bring the quality of work down. Also, when completing assignments fast you start getting an idea of what’s important and what you can ignore, thus saving time on future projects.
Most people do more work than they need to when they have too much time, which is why getting the task done at the last minute has its advantages. This way you won’t end up throwing out unneeded work, thus not wasting more time than you need to.

Lazy People Focus On the Future

The mind set of most lazy people is work now and rest later, which is why they have great retirement plans. They dream of retiring at a young age and not working another day in their life. Of course that means they are hard workers in their younger years, which business owners can take advantage of.
Also, lazy people have healthy lives too, just because they seem lazy doesn’t mean they are not hard workers. They might not have the will to use more energy needed at work, but outside of work they might be the most energetic people. What most people fail to understand is that lazy people are unmotivated and their time is limited so they rather use their time elsewhere.

Lazy people are practical

Most of the technology we use today was invented to make our lives easier, but what a lot of people fail to understand is that these technology advancements suits lazy people. For example, the car engine was built for people to get around and not walk, which is one of the laziest inventions in addition to being practical. Furthermore, lifts are not only practical, but used all around the world to save time and energy. Working less doesn’t mean you’re not getting less done, it means you are using your time more efficiently. A great saying is work smart and not hard, which means you can do all the work in the world but if not done efficiently you are wasting your time.

Lazy or Just Efficient?

Most lazy people will have a lot of time to do whatever they want, which begs the question are they actually lazy or efficient? What people fail to realise is when you are focused you can get way more work done, but if you are not giving your all then you can spend the whole day working.
Being lazy is something we shouldn’t frown upon, but embrace as a plus. Lazy people have proven to be more useful when they are working, since they can manage time more efficiently. Also, lazy people get work done faster, because they work smart and not hard.
Try and implement all the tips and tricks in the article above to improve your time management. Furthermore, getting assignment help is on of the keys lazy people remain productive. Also, don’t forget that lazy people are actually hard workers focusing on their future, since their mind set is work now and rest later.

BIO: Cathy Baylis is a freelance blogger specialized in personal growth, leadership, motivation, and career development. Starting as a freelance ghost writer who enjoys helping other to discover little-known fact and stories, she also provides assignment help for students.

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