If I could provide you with something that would change your life for the better, alter your outcomes, produce more joy in your life and assist you to improve at anything you wanted … And if I could assure you that this device would cost you absolutely nothing, need just you to make it work and could be utilized at any time. Would you be interested?

Well, now that you are interested, you will be glad to know you already have it you currently have it.

It is called reflection.

You may know friends that have had the same career for the last 10 years and have managed to improve and get much better at their work and you most likely likewise you might have some friends who have also had the same career fir 10 years, however it looks like they have only one year of experience. Simply put, they never ever actually reviewed their work and outcomes therefore absolutely nothing appears to improve. They do not appear to learn anything from their previous experiences.

Which of these individuals would you work with? Which of these individuals would you like to work with?

I can’t because I’m busy

The biggest excuse for not reflecting is that they are too busy. They are too busy moving from one job to another without taking the time to reflect on how the last job went or to find better ways of doing things based on their experience. When they state this difficulty to me they end by asking, “When would I have time to reflect?”.
There is no comparison now between the lives our grandparents. 70 or 80 years ago at night the whole family would chat and talk about their day. Exactly what they were doing was unwinding and, while not in an extremely structured method, they were reviewing their day.

All of us understand that this kind of reflection works since as one of the important things we ask our youngsters when they get back from school is “How was your day?”.

We state things are too hectic– that we do not have time to reflectand yet we find time to catch up on the soapsĀ  and while there is absolutely nothing iwith relaxing and watching TV, that time could be better used reflecting on your day and planning your life.

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