You may be wise, you may be talented, you might be good-looking, but you typically aren’t the success you want to be. After all, the guy that never was that talented or never ever had wonderful suggestions as well as he is less intelligent compared to you, is now your manager!

How did that occur? Why do we, with all out talent never our dreams become a reality? what is unique among successful people?

You Need to Learn How to be a success

Statistical studies say what splits successful people from non-successful is that the former had a definite outcome they wanted in their life and strove to accomplish it. Non successful people had lots of goals and ideas, however spent more time discussing them compared to working with them and as a result never ever did what was necessary to make their desires become a reality.

Goals Vs. Outcomes

I prefer to call Goals outcomes, because if you play soccer and go for a goal, you are going to miss most of the time. If not, you are a football professional and do not have to worry about goal setting.

An outcome is going to happen so for example, my outcome for the next 6 months is to have an additional $10,000 in income generated. In 6 months time, there will be an outcome one way or the other and it focuses me more on it being the outcome I want.

So, the first factor you have to do in order to do well is to find an outcome that you really want to happen.

  • How do you visualize yourself in five or ten years from now?
  • Would you want to be sitting in a small workplace, slaving away hours for a basic wage?
  • Would you like to have a different career?
  • Do you visualise yourself, on a holiday with your friends with all the time you need?

If the second alternative appears much better to you, perhaps you require a much better paying career.

Consider all the choices.

  • Is it better for you to keep your existing work as well as attempt to raise through the management ranks?
  • Should start another career?
  • Should you consider starting your own Business?

Your outcome must be specific. If your objective is unclear, you will certainly never ever take the necessary action to attain it.

When you have your specific target, put it in writing. It is constantly valuable when you see your ideas  on paper. If your target seems too challenging to achieve, split it into smaller sized goals.

For example, split your outcome right into 4 smaller ones, where each of them will consist of a small step which will certainly bring you closer to your preliminary target.

Additionally, it’s  great to surround yourself with people that will help and you. However you can not get your family, collegues, friends etc  to push you to make your desires become a reality. The only one responsible for your success or failure is you.

Do not be afraid to follow your steps towards to your objective. Absolutely nothing is too difficult. Everything that has been created in this world by us started as a dream and keep in mind that you can attain anything if you simply focus on it and by doing so you can learn how to be a success.

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