Believing in oneself and one’s abilities is crucial to positive self-development. It is very important that we learn to accept our strengths and weaknesses gracefully. That does not mean that we should feel that we cannot change our weaknesses. For example, if a person lacks time management skills, he needs to find out how he can acquire them i.e. by training, reading etc.

When a person faces rejection he reacts in two ways. Some people take it as a personal matter and consider themselves a failure while others take failure as a way of improving themselves. Keeping a positive frame of mind helps a person accept rejection. When you are faced with a negative remark or failure you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • There’s nothing wrong with failing. Anyone can fail at any time in life.
  • What does the failure suggest? What mistakes did I make that resulted in a failure and how can I improve them?
  • Accept the failure as a learning process and keep reminding yourself for the future, “Next time I will do better.”

It is very easy to feel despair and let it take over your thoughts and emotions. This will lead to a negative state of mind and eventually you will consider yourself a failure. Very often such people give up even before trying. So how do you keep a positive frame of mind? Here are a few tips that will really help you come out of that negative perspective and help you become a happier and content person who has confidence in his abilities:

Think Positive

Always think of the positive aspects in a situation. For example, if you have to go to a meeting and your car has broken down, rather than complaining and playing the blame game, start thinking of alternatives. For example, taking the bus might be easy but it will take a lot of time. With options like Uber, you will save both time and effort. Now look at this option positively: “I won’t have to drive. I can sit back and relax and get some time to concentrate on the meeting preparation.”

Keep Yourself Surrounded by Positive Minded People

Your friends and colleagues who bring out the best in you and who are always looking at the glass as half full, are the ones who can help you attain a positive frame of mind. People who are always criticizing you or nagging and complaining about small things in life are not a very healthy addition to your life. Stay away from them! You need to keep up with friends who make you feel good about yourself and those who mentor you and support you when you face a failure.

Emphasize on the Good Things in Life

Enjoy your new dress, a rainy day or simply a child smiling at you! Life is short and there is no point in cribbing about little things in life. Like making a big deal of small things, “Why is my coffee cold? Why have I not received the email yet? Why is the tire punctured again?” Enjoy the little moments in life. Walk in the rain, help an old person cross the road, compliment your colleague/neighbor and feel good about yourself and make others feel good also.

Humor can Make the Situation Less Stressful

Find humor in a situation that is causing trouble. Think of how you will laugh at yourself five years from now. For example, your boyfriend dumps you. It’s not your loss, it’s his loss! He will realize this sooner or later. You need a break from him and enjoy things like going out with the girls, enjoying some alone time etc.

Find Some Hobbies

Things that interest you can make you feel positive and good about yourself. For example, if you enjoy writing, pen down your ideas and thoughts. Reflect on your learning, hopes, aspirations and dreams. If you like sports, take some time out from your busy schedule and try to enjoy your favorite sport. Never give up on your hobbies because they make you happy.

So if you make a few changes in your life, you will feel good about yourself and look at things more positively. Take some time out for yourself and look at things from a different perspective. If you have faced a failure, what is the worst thing that can happen? Look for alternative ways, make a contingency plan or chalk out a totally new plan for yourself.


On a personal level, I used to feel that I will lose a lot in terms of clients and professional growth if I stop working due to my third child. But when I see my two year old smile at me, I think it’s worth it! I have started freelancing. I work hardly 4-5 hours a week and get paid accordingly but I feel I am mature enough to understand the importance of staying home for my child as opposed to working all day, earning well and not giving my child enough time.


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