In the eyes of the famous Aristotle, excellence should be regarded as a habit and not a mere act because human beings are defined by the things that they repeatedly do. The unfortunate thing, however, is that not every habit that exists is a good one. In fact, the bad habits often times end up being hindrances to excellence.

In light of this, you find that it is essential to find new ways to help you overcome self-defeating behavior, even though it can be quite the uphill task. It is important to note that forging of new habits can be easily accomplished if there is an absence of the need to exert too much control and thought in these actions. You can easily develop a habit (and for this case habits of success) by using some of the repetitive actions that you already have in place and then link them to some of the new habits that you would like to form. This is just one of the many ways in which you can lighten the burden of forming new habits.

Below are some of the best ways which will enable you to develop habits of success:

Decide On the New Habit That You Would Like To Form and Write It Down

It is extremely difficult for you to achieve anything substantial if you’ve not figured out what you would like your end goal to be. For you to develop a habit of success, you should ensure that you’ve first set your mind on the regular activities that you would want to engage in and write them down. The simple act of jotting down such resolutions goes a long way in cementing the decision and zeal of committing to your goals.

It could be that you want to start getting up much earlier. The habit that you would like to develop could be a bit technical such as desiring to start yoga practice. Whichever habit that you settle on, ensure that you have your mind fixated on it and jot it down. In fact, if you could create a list of such habits, the better. You should then strive to tackle one habit at a time, only moving to the next one on your list after you’re completely done with one.

Ensure That You Write Down a List of the Rewards That You Will Give Yourself

A good number of habits that will guide you in the ways of excellence are normally born out of getting a payoff. When most people acquire something good, they often avoid the bad or negative in a bid to not spoil or ‘jinx’ things. Therefore, it is safe to say that payoffs normally reinforce the action/inaction that is being rewarded.

In regard to the above, you should write down a list of the things that will serve as an adequate payoff for you as you start the journey into creating habits that will make you successful. Once you’ve been able to follow through on these new actions, positive reinforcement will serve to help in keeping you positive and in control.

In the list that you will jot down, it is of essence that you avoid materialistic rewards. It should not be a bribe to yourself but rather, a way of eliciting positive emotional responses through ways such as doing a happy dance or giving a high-five to yourself. This is one of the surest motivational ways that you can incorporate in your life, unlike some of the outdated motivational methods that you find being used from individual levels to even 95% of business managers.

Write Down the Advantages That Your New Goals Will Bring You

It is prudent not to rule out the possibility of your new habits working contrary to your expectation. You could have decided on cultivating some habits such as refraining from checking your emails until you’re done with work and it works against you. This could be, for example, repeatedly missing out on vital emails among many other scenarios.

However, in order for you to see to it that the new habits will only propel you towards your goals; you need to do a thorough research concerning their effectiveness. Write down all their advantages then compare them with the drawbacks. If the negatives outweigh the positives, it’s best to do away with it. In the event that the opposite is true, you should go ahead and work your way to inculcating this habit.

Create an Affirmation

Finally, you should find a way of creating an affirmation that will resonate in your mind. There are many benefits that are linked to affirmations. One of the best ways in which you can actualize this is by writing it repeatedly. It might at first seem like a silly thing to do but you’ll be surprised at how it will make you adopt a new habit faster. You could write something as simple as, “I will get up and be on the treadmill at 6:00 am every morning,” before you go to bed each night. In a good number of instances, you’ll find yourself waking up before your 6:00 am alarm goes off.

It has been said that a man is the product of this thoughts and that we become that which we think about most of the time. Affirmations serve the purpose of putting certain thoughts in our minds as we keep saying them. Just try this out then share your experience with us!


In this time and age, there are various ways for one to accomplish the tasks that are set before them. The field of habit creation has not also been left out with the mechanisms behind creating new habits having diverse ways in which they can be made to work exceptionally. Among such ways is the use of writing in the habit creation process. In this article, we have taken an in-depth exposition of some of the best ways that writing can be incorporated into the formation of habits that can lead an individual to success.

Has this article been of informative value to you? Which tip are you going to start with?

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