The road to success is full of ups and downs. Some people just give up after trying without succeeding. The question is how many times should someone get up after a failure to reach success? Countless times! The only little trick is the ability to make the right conclusions and learn from ones experience. The power of motivation and strong will are the tickets to achieving success. Neglect both and it will be hard if not impossible for you to achieve success. This article will attempt to answer the question in the title “Is Reaching Success Worth of it?” YES! And sometimes the process turns out to be more interesting than the result itself.

1. All round growth

The road to success is tough. But what makes it interesting are the things you pick up on the way as you thread the path. Achieving success does not come in a platter of gold. Even students that struggle to make an A in an examination might have spent hours to study for that same reason.

So what are those areas of life that experience growth when one achieves success?

Let’s start with mental growth. Achieving success will make you grow mentally. You will most definitely be involved in tasks that will stress you mentally. Handling those tasks will make you develop your mental power. You might learn how to manage stress when dealing with too many chores or multitasking skills.

On the other hand, achieving success will make you appreciate some certain things in life like patience. Since you have had the understanding of what being patient yields, you can apply it to other aspects of your life. Though the waiting period can be tough, the result can be intriguing when you wait patiently and work steadfastly. A student can spend hours, days and weeks to study patiently, reading from page to page to achieve one goal besides acquiring knowledge, which is making an A.

You might be someone who does not believe in himself. You may not have been the type of person that trusted his or her abilities until now. But your determination to achieve success will start trusting your abilities because that’s one way to achieve success.

2. Self-satisfaction

Everybody wants to live a comfortable life and be happy. You want to be able to afford anything you want without thinking twice. When you achieve success in your career or business, your reward might be financial gains which will enable you to acquire whatever you want. And when you have money, you can buy anything you want to eat or travel to anywhere in the world for vacations.

Success in your career or business will make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself. Even when people try to talk you down, you are not affected by what they say because you have tasted success and believe you know how to get there.

There is nothing more interesting than reaping the fruit of your labor. Achieving success will help to erase those years of sorrow and challenges you encountered on your way up. Success is the price of hard work. Your friends, family, and colleagues will respect you more when you achieve success in your endeavor.

Everybody wants to reckon with someone who is successful. No one would like to associate with a failure. People in your circle including family members will be proud of you when you achieve success.

In fact, thinking about the things you stand to benefit when you achieve success makes the whole process more interesting.

3. Opportunity to learn

Thomas Edison, who invented the electric bulb tried a thousand times before he got a breakthrough. Commitment and perseverance are keys to achieve success. You will have to learn and imbibe these skills even though you don’t have them.

You will gain a lot of experience on your way to success. Those experiences might help you scale through other aspects of life or challenges you may find yourself. Experience is the best teacher, at least that’s what many people say. You will learn a lot on your way to success that will make the process more interesting than the success itself.

There is a great feeling you get when you eventually accomplish something you have always dreamt about. The truth is the road to success is tough. And there are sacrifices one has to pay to achieve success and believe it or not those sacrifices are worth it. A student that spends hours to read just to make good grades will be pleased when he finally graduates with a good grade. The benefit of this is landing a good job which means a better future for himself and the people around. The road to success is tough but achieving success is worth it.

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