Paleo diet for weight when you start applying the eating principle outlined in the paleo recipe cookbook it will seems as if you are cheating, whether you are looking toward preparing breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks,or you have beef and wondering which meal to prepare, we got you covered in our paleo cookbook. I will go ahead to reveal some of the special ingredients for cooking in our cookbook. When making the hunter stew which is made out of beef, some blueberries, carrots and onions, that is just a tip, you will get plenty of protein from the beef and minerals like iron, as you know the berries are good source of antioxidant value, and the carrot contains beta carotene. And do you know anytime you keep things simple, you keep them paleo.the early men did not complicate things, they had to use things in the disposal . For instance when preparing the curry chicken soup with almond that will give a crunching feeling and you will have healthy fat and protein from just this simple recipes.

There is another soup you might like that is sweet potato soup with bell peppers, lemon and thyme, they can be cooked in so many ways and also serve as a replacement to white potatos, this delicious meal with the addition mashed potatoes which take a lot of the prep- work to getting you to cooking and eating faster. Butternut squash and kale beef stew is very good for you, also mango avocado spiced chicken salad, mixed with meat , vegetables and fruit taste great when well prepared, we make this salad available on our meal to balance diet, is usually good to take it sometimes for lunch and that will give you a lot of energy all through the day, i will advise you use baby spinach or baby kale leaves instead of ordinary lettuce for the base. Do you know also that roasted pumpkin salad with za’atar dressing, pumpkin is alway over looked when it comes to vegetable, but it contain a lot of vitamins,minerals,and fiber that makes it very nutritional all year can do real good when you roast it. Olive oil, orange juice ,herb , salt and pepper also added but be sure to use sea salt not refined one.

Have you tried the balsamic green bean salad? when preparing this salad make sure you use the organic beans and you will be able to tell the difference in taste other paleo recipes included are walnut that is very rich in good fat,red onion,olive oil. the most important of this meal is putting good fat in your body ,unlike fast food fat that can cause you all type of health problems.

Coconut flour pancakes,this pancake cook like the traditional pancakes, the only difference is something is missing , coconut flour is the ultimate and pure maple syrup is very good on it.

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