I went on my very first diet plan around 5 years ago. Over the past 4 and a half years my weight went up and down as I tried every diet plan and exercise program under the sun. Absolutely nothing seemed to work for me. Until 6 months ago I enrolled in a weight workshop which taught me that I need to change the way I look at food. It was then that I recognized that I had actually made lots of errors in my mission to drop weight.

In this post I’m going to show you eight errors I made on my quest to drop weight. I hope by sharing my experiences with others throughout the world through the internet I may be able to assist people prevent the errors I made. So, here are the eight mistakes I made while aiming to reduce weight.

1. I started to skip breakfast

Most people attempting to reduce weight believe merely consuming less and avoiding meals helps shed that fat. And breakfast is a real easy meal to skip. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when on a weight loss diet. If you leave your home in the morning on an empty stomach you’re far more lured to consume more at morning tea and lunch times. And, calories you eat at breakfast time are quickly burnt throughout the day.

2. I would eat one day and not the next

I would actually consume about 2000+ calories one day, feel guilty, and end up eating about 700 calories the list below day. If you “starve” yourself throughout the day you’re much more likely to eat more at nights, which is not going to help you drop weight. You should consume most of your calories in the morning.

3. I bought diet plan food

When I went shopping I constantly tried to find the foods marked diet plan, low-fat, healthy and so on. This is a good practice to obtain into, however I was buying these foods for the incorrect reason. I bought these foods since in my mind it indicated I might more. I would totally overlook part size. If you consume diet plan foods in big portions you’re not doing yourself any favors.

4. I thought I ‘d always be fat

This is frame of mind that you must break if you want to lose some serious weight. Often it feels like you’re doing the best things and not making any progress, this is absolutely natural. You need to focus on being happy and healthy and achieving your goals. Try not to obtain caught up in “the big photo”.

5. I began eating salads as main meals

Consuming salad is a good way of keeping your calorie intake down right? Yes, meal of salad has much less calories that a pizza but does it have the satisfaction? When you eat you mind have to get some satisfaction from exactly what you have simply consumed. I found that when I ate salads for meals a few hours later on I was back I the cabinet trying to find more food. I learnt that I was better off consuming a balanced meal with somewhat more calories than simply eating a salad and snacking later on.

6. I began my new diet plans on Mondays

When I discovered a brand-new diet that I decided I was going to try I constantly started it on a Monday. This suggested I would eat all weekend like I was never going to eat once again. Doing this I was just setting myself up for failure.

7. I was to embarrassed to go to the gym

Taking the plunge and joining a health club was one of the hardest things I ever did. I was always stressed that people in the gym would be staring at me and speaking about me. I truly thought I was too fat to sign up with. My suggestions is to sign up with a gym! You’ll be grateful you did. I anticipate going to the fitness center now.

8. I set my goals to high

Setting long term objectives is great, but these objectives constantly appear to away. You need to set smaller sized, more reachable goals that you can regularly satisfy to keep your motivation high. Set yourself weekly, monthly and 3 regular monthly goals. As soon as you satisfy one short term goal set a brand-new one for next week.

So there you have it, those are the errors I made. I now look at weight loss from an absolutely different viewpoint and it has paid off. I now assist others with weight reduction and keeping healthy.

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